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Epoxy Floors. Stained Concrete, Concrete Countertops, Showers

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Kitchen & Bath Counters Class

We're teaching framing, pouring, finishing, polishing.and Sealing. Custom designs like veins and marbling.  Cutting, transporting and Installing. Under-mount and and integral sinks. We'll make sinks and bowls.

Showers Class

We'll make shower panels with different designs and colors. We'll install some and do the shower pan..

Microtoppng & Woodgrain Class

We'll be teaching floor prep and applying mirotopping to floors for woodgrain designs and making floors ready for stains.

Acid & Eco Stains Class

We'll do acid stains, scoring designs and sealing.  We'll use non acid stains like eco stain. You'll do hands on staining designs and learn cleaning and prep techniques.

Metallic Epoxy Floors & Tops Class

We'll do epoxy floors and tops. We'll cut the top,  do sink cutouts and routing. and custom epoxy designs on the counters. We'll do metallic epoxy floors.

Boulders & Vertical Stamping Class

We;ll be making boulders that would normally cost huge bucks. We'll also be do vertical stamping , making ugly walls look like real custom mountain dry stack or stone.

We do Training from time to time.

Concrete Woodgrain


This home had old linoleum. We removed it, installed a micro-topping and stained it to look like wood,

Then we sealed it,  It looks just as good today. Stained Concrete Floors Classes in Memphis

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This was a huge island. It actually helped sell the house. Call for a free quote today  or check out our class,,.

Real Hands on Experience


With our class you"ll learn each step to creating the top of the line products just like this Champaigne Metallic Epoxy Floor..

Awesome Stained Floors


We teach acid stains and eco stains. You"ll learn all the do's and don'ts of staining floors. As well as how to do it..

Make Bowls and Sinks


Make Vessel sinks in our class. Make farm sinks.  One farm sink sells for over $1000.  You'll be able to make your own.

Concrete Showers


Growing in popularity are concrete showers. We teach various designs.

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We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.Workshop is 8 am to 5 pm.  Lunch Provided.

Concrete Countertops Classes in Memphis and Stained Concrete